New York Adult Jobs listing. Hiring in New York. Manhattan, Westchester N.Y. and other parts of New York and New York City.


This is the General Policy for all Services Its up to all clients to follow these Rules. Read these rules before you buy or use any Special Offer deal. The Policy for this web site can be updated at any time without clients being notified.


    1. Your order or service is added to the listing after payment has been received. The transaction has to be complete.
    2. Do not send cash thru the mail. Any cash you send thru the mail is your responsibility.
    3. Do Not wait till the last minute before you work and demand fast immediate service.
    4. Your Service is added and uploaded usually within the same day, but if you pick a busy time it can take up to 48 hours.
    5. Calls, Texting and Emails are answered from 10:30am - 10:30pm Eastern Standard Time based in New York.
    6. The information you submit will be edited and improved.
    7. "No Bate and Switch" or anything that can be used (accidentally or on purpose) for "Bate and Switch".
    8. Regular Clients that order every month with more expensive deals ... Usually get faster service and extra advertising.
    9. Rude or Angry Clients are avoided.

    1. All postings for Listings need to have a photo
    2. Its acceptable to mention a second service. However, the theme of the listing is the priority.

    1. Do No Negotiate the Special Offer. One reason the Special Offer exist is to avoid (or deter) negotiating.
    2. No Refunds